Newborn photography session

September 2017

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Welcome baby Evan. I know I say I am always excited about newborn photography, but this time it was extra special Evan’s brother Owen was first baby I took pictures of since starting my business and deciding to focus on newborn photography. Owen’s session was definitely a huge eye opener! Newborn photography is hard! You get a little baby that is just born few days ago. While most people believe newborns sleep a lot and don’t really know what is going on, I disagree. Even 5-10 day old baby is aware when he/she is in new place, that new person is holding them and most importantly they know that I am trying to take a picture of them. Sleep doesn’t always come easy and newborn sessions can take a long time mostly because you spend 90% of the time rocking baby to sleep.

Needless to say having newborn session for Evan just about a year later was great timing to see how much I progressed in newborn photography. I can’t stress enough that it is still very hard! But baby Evan was a great baby (just like his big brother) and that always makes session go so much smoother.

Usually I try to choose a few colours and one prop for my session to keep consistency. I choose blue and beige for colours and little baby bed that is one of my favourite props for newborn photography sessions. I love that I can offer custom newborn photography sessions to my clients. You can choose from wide variety of props, colours, wraps and backdrops. When choosing those things, you should always keep in mind colours that will fit well into your house colour palette. If you are ever unsure what what set up is best, my pre session consultations are a must.

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