Newborn photographer in Halifax ,NS – twin session

September 2017

When people ask what I do for a living, I specifically say I am maternity and newborn photographer.  I advertise myself as a family photographer, but I believe having a specialty like maternity and newborn photographer will set me aside and eventually I can be best at it in my area. Being newborn photographer is a hard work. Being newborn photographer and doing twins session, well that is two times harder.

Lincoln and Lawson were night and day, one totally asleep and one not so much. Posing little babies only looks easy, in fact even easiest pose can be very challenging. This twin session was a first one for me. I tried to keep posing to a minimum and only planned few set ups. We had to stop for few feeds and changes and lots of snuggles. Remember that newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours, because babies stay on their own schedule and don’t care about yours. Every newborn photographer will provide clients with guide on how to prepare for a session best to keep session time to a minimum.

I choose simple colors for a session. With blue, black and beige you cannot go wrong. Part of being a good newborn photographer is to plan session carefully, to make sure gallery will have different angles and different set ups, but at the same time you want gallery come together if it was all printed and put together as a gallery wall. I love when clients let me decide on exactly what to use for a session, I do always encourage people to bring anything that might be special to them and they might want to include it in the session.

Lincoln and Lawson did great for their session and I am very happy how my first twin session turned out.


Miracles sometimes come in pairs.