Newborn Photographer Halifax ( Baby Ida)

January 2018

Newborn Photographer Halifax

A little word about being Newborn Photographer Halifax

When people ask me what do I do, I often say I am newborn photographer and not just a photographer. To me being a newborn photographer is a unique and a whole different skill you have to learn. A lot of work goes into taking pictures of little brand new babies. First of all you have to think safety. Most of my newborns are between 3 and 15 days old. Between making sure the studio is spotless and every piece of fabric or clothing that will touch baby is clean and freshly washed to making sure poses you choose and the way you handle baby is triple and over the top safe. Second you have to have a lot of patience. Being newborn photographer means your sessions average 2 hours, but can run as long as 4 hours. You have to make sure baby is happy and that means long feedings, diaper changes and just comforting to make sure baby can fall asleep. Third most important thing you have to have as a newborn photographer is practice. Practice makes perfect. My first session was a disaster, so was second and third. I still have so much to learn. Top newborn photographers spent years practicing to be good at what they do.

Baby Ida

Ida was my rare girl newborn. I really do tend to get a lot of boys for some reason. I choose pink and purple for her session. Added a little bit of flowers and included simple naked shots on black background. As a newborn photographer I prefer to keep my set ups to a minimum. Simple sessions never go out of style.


And in the middle of my chaos there was YOU.