Lifestyle session vs posed newborn session.

February 2017


Image for blog lifestyle session vs posed newborn session with two babies pictures compared

Lifestyle vs posed-which one to choose?

Lifestyle session vs posed newborn session is a topic of few discussions and blogs. There are different way both might be done and I speak only for myself and the way I do them. I would like first to define what both sessions are.

Lifestyle newborn session

Easiest way to describe this type of session is to say its documenting real life moments. This session is usually done in your home and forget there is a camera pointed at you. Just go on with what you normally would do. When it comes to newborn lifestyle session it might include, but not limit to: feedings, changing diapers, putting baby to sleep, giving baby a bath, interacting with baby. I would look for best ways to capture those moments without posing you and telling you what to do. End result should be simple, but absolutely priceless memory of having brand new baby in your house. Lifestyle sessions are about natural interactions and usually there is little looking at the camera.

image of baby asleep in fathers arms baby looking at the camera while being swaddled

What I love about lifestyle sessions:
  • You do not have to leave your house, I will come to you
  • You do not have to pose and look at the camera
  • This is the best option if you have other children and want to include them into session (same with pets)
  • It takes less time as we don’t have to wait for baby to fall asleep,so we can pose him/her
Things to consider:
  • You will have to tidy up your house. Clutter doesn’t make for great background
  • Make sure that your house is well lit. I need windows to make this work
  • Have room. If you live in tiny house, lifestyle session might not be for you
  • Lifestyle session usually doesn’t include props,so if your heart is set on theme choose posed studio session

Posed newborn session

This session is done in the studio. There is a certain flow to it. Parents/siblings images with baby and images of baby alone. Now I should add that I call my posed sessions-slightly posed. What is slightly posed? I believe in capturing simple natural poses that baby might put him/herself into. Some popular poses you will see online are usually production of 2-3 or more images combined together and photoshopped until desired look. While slightly posed poses still require posing and time, I find they look more natural and true to your baby. Main mission of posed newborn session is to create fine art timeless images of you and your new little bundle of joy. There is no need to know how to pose and what to do. I will guide you through session and you will love the way its going to look.

Image of baby girl asleep with her head on her hands Image of baby swaddled with her hand sticking out

What I love about posed sessions:
  • Its a print ready piece of art for you and your child. Put it on canvas or in the frame and its a centre piece in your house that everyone will love
  • I do all the work. Just show up with the baby
  • Its a controlled environment.  I will have right light for beautiful clean images
  • I can achieve great variation in images with use of different props and backgrounds
  • There is a couch for you to sit on and take a break. I know you need it
Things to consider:
  • Sessions can take up to 4 hours, if you hoping for siblings images consider lifestyle session. I need time to concentrate just on the baby
  • Sessions start at 10 am and I need you to be on time for best results
  • You will have to pack. Remember to bring diapers, pacifier, food and other items baby and you would need for comfort

What do I do now?

Sure, this is a lot of information to consider. Should you choose lifestyle session vs posed newborn session? Studio photography is the most popular choice and easiest for most people. That said choice is yours and no matter what kind of session you choose I will make sure you get great portraits of your newborn baby. Still on the fence and need more information? Contact me for no obligation chat.

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