What can baby photographer do for you?

April 2018

Why would you hire baby photographer?

It seems defiantly a trend to get baby pictures done by professional photographer. There are millions of examples of super cute images all over Internet of babies wrapped up and posed, with all kind of amazing set ups. There are different styles of sessions ranging from minimalist set ups focusing just on your baby or very elaborate set ups that will wow everyone. But if you are about to have a baby, you probably asking yourself: What can a baby photographer do for me? Answer is pretty simple: Baby photographer will give you images that you will love for the rest of your life. Your baby is really only stays small for a very short period of time and documenting first few weeks of his/hers life is priceless. Plus you will be so sleep deprived,you will actually need to pictures to remember what happened.

Baby photographer is there for you, but mostly for your baby. Newborns are very tough, but you definitely need to focus on safety a 100%. Baby photographer would know how to properly pose baby, how to make your baby happy, will take proper breaks for feeding and changes and how to make sure that your session is not only  productive, but also a relaxing and happy experience for everyone.

What kind of baby photographer should you hire?

Well, the kind that you like. Check out as many photographers as you like. Ask your friends, ask your co workers. Recommendation is everything. Ones you got some names, go check their work out. Each established photographer would have a personal style and those styles can be quite different from one to another. Make sure that there is consistency in photographers work and lots of images in portfolio. General rule that if you like photographers portfolio, you will love images you get from your session as well. Do not be afraid to travel, I get people coming to my Porters lake studio from not only Dartmouth and Eastern shore, but from Halifax,Bedford, Sackville. Do not select photographer by how close they are to you, unless you get lucky to find one that you love close to you.

Talk to photographer to make sure you both on the same page. Get all the info up front. Most photographers will offer free consultation by email or phone to make sure you get all the answers.

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.